Evidence Review & Synthesis

The review, synthesis and interpretation of economic and medical evidence is a critical step in the preparation of a product launch. QUANTIFY has extensive experience ensuring that all sources are considered systematically (academic and grey literature), ensuring that the results are useable and practical. QUANTIFY’s solutions are tailored to the needs of the client in terms of scope and applications.

Following a review of the available evidence, it is often necessary to synthesize the findings to support key tools like global value dossiers and economic models. Equipped with a broad toolbox, QUANTIFY supports manufacturers with quantitative meta-analyses and qualitative narrative reviews.

Typical services offered by QUANTIFY in Evidence Review & Synthesis include:

  • HTA compliant systematic literature reviews (SLR)
  • Targeted literature reviews (TLR)
  • Critical appraisal of evidence (bias, homogeneity, etc.)
  • Meta-analysis (Bucher ITC, Bayesian NMA, MAIC, etc)
  • Qualitative narrative reviews
  • Disease area reviews