Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis


Psoriasis is a complex, systemic inflammatory disorder with significant patient and societal burden. One of the most common comorbidities of skin psoriasis is psoriatic arthritis, a seronegative arthritis characterized by inflammation, joint pain and damage if not quickly treated. In the past two decades, incredible progress has been made in the development of treatment options available to PsO and PsA patients, such as biologic medications. The increasing recognition of the systemic nature of psoriasis has helped motivate the need for holistic care beyond the skin.


Quantify maintains up-to-date, population-based RWD from Sweden that is immediately available in-house, called Q-PsO and Q-PsA. Both platforms include the following data:

• All in-patient care including diagnoses and costs from 1968-2020
• All out-patient care including diagnoses and costs from 1997-2020
• All pharmacy dispensed medications including products and costs from 2005-2019
• Death dates and causes from 1968-2019
• Socioeconomic information from 1990-2018
• Societal and indirect costs from 1990-2018

More data is being added – get in touch to find out more.