Real-World Evidence & Analytics

QUANTIFY is the leading provider of Nordic RWE with vast documented experience in high-impact RWD studies. The QUANTIFY team possess expertise in data access, analysis, and interpretation with an unparalleled understanding of Nordic data. We can access linked, patient-level data across the Nordics spanning primary care and hospital visits, drug prescriptions, sociodemographic, economics, labs, EHRs, PROMs and others to produce innovative, impactful research.

Our team understands the increasing role RWE plays in clinical, economic and regulatory decision-making, throughout a product lifecycle, from the pre clinical research phase to the post-market authorisation and commercialisation phase. We provide research- and regulatory-grade RWE with many applications, across many disease areas with a focus on meeting the needs of various stakeholders. In order to meet this high standard, QUANTIFY combines a deep understanding of data, methods and clinical context to provide meaningful insights and robust results.

QUANTIFY recognizes that while Nordic data is unparalleled in many ways, manufactures also need to develop evidence in other geographies. That’s why we work with a network of talented partner organisations to offer a wide range of coordinated RWE across the EU, US, and UK.

What is real-world evidence?