Interactive web apps for value communication

Qfront allows you to present your Excel-based value demonstration tools in a modern and intuitive way. This cloud based solution seamlessly translates your Excel dashboards into a web application appropriate for internal or external presentations. Qfront offers instant calculations and quick updates when making changes to the linked excel model.

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Easy to manage, read and present

No more multiple versions and unclear file locations – Qfront uses an online version control and allows several users to view and edit the model from different devices. Simply connect the Excel spreadsheets to the web application and Qfront gives you a powerful presentation tool combining advanced calculations with a modern and presentable app design. The application is an ideal complement for our HEOR calculation services, such as Budget Impact or Cost-Effectiveness models, and will help illustrate the message of the numbers.


  • Cost-efficient translation of excel based tools into user friendly web applications

  • Developed in collaboration with HEMAR modelling experts and programmers

  • Economies of scale to have a single vendor handle model and app development

  • Dynamic scaling for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Cloud based technology allowing instantaneous updates and multi-user capability

Qfront compiles
the excel model
code on a server

Written in generic
code and quickly
linked to excel model

Automatic scaling
and broad browser
and OS support

From model design to web-based application

Model (optional)

Model design
Model programming (excel)
Data collection and
model population
4-12 weeks depending
on scope

App Development

Web ↔ Excel Integration
Visual scheme and layout
Development of
extended functionality
2-12 weeks

Support & Maintanance

Interface updates
Data updates
User support
New version deployment (within
24 hours)

To access a demo version of a Budget Impact Model, showing parts of the Qfront core-functionality, click here.
For more information about the application functionality or pricing model, please contact us.