Our Lead Analyst, Christoph Abé, has led an international multi-center neuroimaging study on bipolar disorder conducted within the ENIGMA consortium. This is the largest longitudinal brain imaging study in its field and was recently accepted for publication in the renowned journal Biological Psychiatry. The study shows that bipolar disorder is associated with abnormal brain changes over time and highlights the importance of mania prevention.
You can read an article about the study here: https://news.ki.se/manic-episodes-in-bipolar-disorder…
Congratulations on your publication, Christoph! We are so proud to have such a brilliant co-worker!
We at Quantify are happy to offer our services to support you in brain imaging analyses, study design, and neuroimaging data access. If you have questions, please reach out to Christoph @ Christoph.abe@quantifyresearch.com
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