STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 11 November 2021 – Today, Quantify Research (QUANTIFY) announced the creation of a new business unit dedicated to Evidence Review and Synthesis as part of its expansion into India and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market to expand the breadth and depth of their business and service offerings. QUANTIFY is a global partner to the life science industry in the development of real-world evidence generation, data science, health economics, market access & modelling and evidence review & synthesis.

Building a dedicated and specialized team around Evidence Review and Synthesis ensures that QUANTIFY can offer clients an increasingly broad range of premium services. The newly established business unit will provide services such as systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses to give QUANTIFY’s clients a comprehensive overview of the existing evidence base and help make strategic prioritizations of evidence generation needs. The new business unit provides services that are integrated with QUANTIFY’s other core offerings as well as opportunities for stand-alone projects. With these recent developments, QUANTIFY continues to pursue its mission to provide unparalleled scientific, strategic and analytic services to the life science industry.

As part of this business initiative, QUANTIFY has expanded its operations with a new office in Chandigarh, India to enable the recruitment of experienced specialists. QUANTIFY will use this opportunity to expand its business into the APAC market, which is experiencing rapid growth in health economics and outcomes research.

“We’ve got two central ambitions with this new venture,” said Kirk Geale, Chief Executive Officer of Quantify Research. “The Evidence Review and Synthesis business unit allows us to provide our clients with expertise in activities like literature reviews or meta analyses, at a greater scale and proficiency than before. These services will provide great value on their own, but I am also excited about the synergies we can offer our clients that work with RWE and market access. In addition, our local presence in the Asia-Pacific region is an excellent opportunity to build business partnerships beyond the US and EU. Our new operations and services will be tightly knit with our Nordic headquarters as we continue to provide expertise and deliver the highest quality to our clients, across all of our locations.”

QUANTIFY has an extensive track record of providing scientific, strategic and commercialization services to the global life science industry. At its core, QUANTIFY harnesses the power of Nordic data and deep commercialization knowledge to provide high-value, integrated solutions for clients. The new dedicated team focusing on Evidence Review and Synthesis complements QUANTIFY’s leading position in these areas and offers exciting new partnership opportunities.

Kirk Geale, CEO
Phone: +46 (0)707 61 52 30