Are you interested in studying liver diseases? Our research platform “Health Outcomes and Risk Assessment in Chronic Liver Disease” (HERALD) constitutes a unique blend of data on healthcare visits in primary and specialty care, prescriptions, lab values, FibroScan data, information on cancer, quality of care data on diabetes, socioeconomics, migration, and cause of death for 864,077 patients recorded with a diagnosis of chronic liver disease (CLD) in the Stockholm region. The platform will be complemented in a few weeks with information on all patients with a recorded diagnosis of CLD in Sweden. The platform is a collaboration between Karolinska InstitutetKarolinska UniversitetssjukhusetQuantify Research and pharmaceutical companies, and is open to further international collaborations.

“The HERALD research platform will provide globally unique opportunities on how we can study chronic liver diseases in a broad, unselected population using data from electronic health care records not typically available in Nordic RWE projects. This is an excellent example of the innovative RWD projects Quantify have been focusing on during the past few years and the research team is very excited to start the analytics!” says Director and Head of RWE and Analytics Emilie Toresson Grip .

Interested to know more about how Quantify can help you study chronic liver diseases? Reach out to, read about HERALD on our webpage ( or in the poster ( presented at the International Liver Conference earlier this year.