Modelling, Access & Strategy

QUANTIFY has extensive experience in developing economic models, gaining market access, and providing strategic advice to our partners in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.


As a global partner, QUANTIFY excels at building global economic models including cost-effectiveness and budget impact models. Each model is designed to reflect the value of the product, incorporating strategic positioning and value messaging within the design and content of the model. QUANTIFY understands the need for fit-for-purpose model design, speed, agility and quality. Our strong technical capabilities and mastery of theoretical health economic principles ensures that we are ready to meet the demands of sophisticated payers such as NICE, without compromising on value demonstration.


As a compliment to the technical rigour of cost-effectiveness and budget impact models, QUANTIFY develops value tools as a complimentary type of economic model. These tools give manufacturers a way to express the value of a product in a way that is intuitive for stakeholders such as payers, physicians, and patients. The value drivers are unique for each product, but may include cost savings resulting from a treatment replacement, reductions in sick leave, events avoided and other types of practical outcomes.


As a Nordic-headquartered company, QUANTIFY is perfectly placed to prepare reimbursement dossiers and all associated activities across the Nordics. We help our clients understand and meet the needs of local payers, creating synergies across each country to speed up the time to approval. QUANTIFY has extensive local market access experience from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, as well as a local presence and language skills.

Quantify delivered not only what was requested but also anticipated what was needed.

Jonatan Lundgren
Head of Market Access
Gedeon-Richter Nordics.


QUANTIFY has many skilled employees, with prior working experience from HTA agencies, who can partner with manufacturers to develop and refine strategic positioning. There are various ways in which QUANTIFY can support manufactures’ strategy:

  • Assess the available evidence to identify evidence gaps and value messages
  • Refine global value messages to local settings
  • Anticipate and understand the perspectives of local payers
  • Strategic positioning of the treatment in the local market