Today, October 20th, is World Osteoporosis Day. Organized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, the day is marked annually to raise awareness of bone health and osteoporosis prevention, this year calling for global action to fight the disease and related fractures worldwide

Quantify Research has a strong research record in the field of osteoporosis, having led a large number of international research projects leading to numerous scientific publications. Most recently, Quantify’s Jonas Banefelt and Gustaf Ortsäter co-authored the paper “Total Hip Bone Mineral Density as an Indicator of Fracture Risk in Bisphosphonate-Treated Patients in a Real-World Setting” The paper found a strong inverse relationship between BMD T-score and fracture risk in real-world clinical practice. Importantly, this relationship was seen in bisphosphonate-naïve and bisphosphonate-treated patients alike, extending evidence from clinical trials and meta-regressions supporting the suitability of total hip BMD T-score as a meaningful and relevant clinical outcome in the management of patients with osteoporosis.

Feel free to reach out to our partner Fredrik Borgström learn more about Quantify’s research and capabilities in osteoporosis.

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