2021 was a special year for Quantify in many ways than one, but one extra special milestone is that we turned ten years old! In celebration of Quantify’s 10 year anniversary we have asked three questions to Quantify co-founder Anders Gustavsson, about Quantify’s journey this far.

Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary! Do you remember why you started the company?

Like yesterday. We were four colleagues sharing the same interest and being fed up with the bureaucratic corporation culture of our former employer. We thought we could do it better on our own- delivering high quality services in health economics and outcomes research. Our base in Stockholm was perfect for doing studies on the rich health care registers in the Nordics and we all had our individual networks and fields of expertise within different disease areas. Also, we enjoyed working together and wanted to have a company with that friendly atmosphere.

I heard you have completed more than 600 projects over these 10 years. Any favorite memories that come to mind?

I guess most memories are about people. We have grown really fast and have so many talented and hard working colleagues today whom we are very proud of. It is so fun and rewarding to work with new people and see them grow. Some have moved on but I am really happy seeing people who came to us 8-9 years ago, growing older and wiser in the company, shouldering new responsibilities and finding ways of self-fulfillment. One personal memory I have from the very beginning was when I got tricked by my colleagues at the start of what would be my bachelor party. They set me up in a sales meeting with a fake client, giving me a really hard time and I did my best trying to accommodate while my friends were listening and laughing on a muted line.

What do you see in future for Quantify?

The first month of us starting our company we naturally didn’t have any projects, so we spent our time working on the company name, webpage and our vision and mission statement. Although our business has professionalized quite a bit over the years, I think our vision remains largely the same. It’s about the quality of our service, a great workplace for our many talented colleagues, and a learning organization with close bonds to both academia and the industry. And then of course with the ultimate goal to contribute to the betterment of public health. Over the years I think we have done exactly this and we want to continue on the same path. Amongst other things, we are a leader of studies on Nordic health care data and we’d like to expand on this by offering a wider range of services and deeper expertise to our clients. Just this year we have opened offices in three new countries and kicked-off a new business unit in Evidence Review and Synthesis to make this happen. Despite the fast pace, we are staying true to our Nordic roots and values as we continue to grow.

Thank you to all of our clients, collaborators and friends for making these first ten years so amazing! We hope that you will continue to follow our journey to greatness. We can promise that our next ten years will be just as fantastic as the first ten!