In this text, Mary Rosenzweig, Country director Denmark at Quantify Research, gives her perspectives on the changing landscapes in market access and real-world evidence in Denmark and the keys to successful value demonstration of new innovative medicines.

Involve stakeholders and think “Nordic”

Personally, I believe that if we want to support the innovation of new treatments to patients with high need, involvement from all different stakeholders will be necessary: Patients, clinicians, industry stakeholders, public organizations and others all need to be involved to ensure that all views are represented to establish a holistic understanding of the innovation, from national level down to the local level.

In addition to the critical importance of different perspectives and stakeholders, I also believe that we need to find new approaches to accommodate larger uncertainty around the treatments targeting smaller patient populations. To support the development of innovative medicines in smaller patient groups, one important evidence-generation strategy is therefore to pool our resources on a Nordic level, as we are able to do at Quantify Research. Denmark has a unique position when pooling data from several countries, because no patient-level data is permitted to leave Denmark for research purposes or any other purposes. So pooling data from Denmark and other Nordic countries can only be accomplished by extraction of data from the other Nordic countries and performing the analysis in Denmark on the designated research machines, to which Quantify Research has full authorization to access and analyze data. Combining data from several Nordic countries gives us more data, stronger statistical analyses and yields knowledge that can be shared across healthcare systems that are similar.

Only by using these rich sources of data to their full potential and involving experts from different fields, can we make sure that these new, innovative treatments benefit patients with large unmet needs and do so in a way that is also sustainable from a health economic perspective. Quantify has an extensive track record of accessing and analyzing these unique data to support product launches and patient access and I am very excited to realize the potential of real-world evidence together with Danish stakeholders.